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Women aren't built like men,
so why would they shoot the same gun?

Women typically have smaller hands, longer necks, higher cheekbones, slanted shoulders and (of course) different chests than men.
This ALL impacts gun fit.

The solution? Shotguns built for women!

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You Are Not Alone

During the summer of 2020, Tracy counseled 150+ women of all ages focusing on gun fit, shooting basics and performance. Women often shared that they feel intimidated and uncertain about their chosen shooting sport.

These women had a desire to improve their performance and overall experience.  Many women were getting "beat up" and bruised (by ill-fitting guns) and not achieving the scores they wanted. Several expressed frustrations at not knowing what would help but they were driven to find a solution.  Even though many of them grew up hunting with their parents, siblings and friends, they didn’t know what would get them to the next level.

Gun fit is number one and for most women, they just don’t know what it's supposed to look and feel like.  Frequently, they have had a youth gun put in their hands, or a "shrink-it and pink-it" gun (which in most cases, is a youth gun with pink on it) or the dreaded man's gun where someone cut down the stock for them!

Fitting a gun to a woman's frame is more nuanced that most gun dealers can appreciate. They simply lack the experience or knowledge to fit a woman properly.

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Woman pheasant hunting with her Syren shotgun.
Woman with trophy won shooting trap with her Syren Shotgun.
Women's trap shooting team.
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"There’s something wonderful and magical that happens in the presence of greatness. Tracy knows shotguns and is great at fitting her customer and infusing them with her great knowledge.  Being with her is incomparable to the numerous gun purchases my husband and I have made.  A++ in knowledge, service, attention to detail, and what an absolutely fantastically pleasurable experience.  A memorable gun purchase that I won't forget! Tracy is a delight and knows her stuff. If you’re a woman (or man) this is the place to go to look at, shoot, and talk shotguns with an experienced shooter!!! Make an appointment with Tracy, and be wowed by her care, experience, and thoughtful consideration.  It was one of the best decisions I made! Thank you Tracy, you’re awesome!"
—Robin Thomas
"My experience with Passionate Outlaws could not have been more positive.  I was really struggling to find a shotgun that fit me properly.  Tracy knows her stuff, knows her guns and most importantly knows her clients.  She is building a community of women shooters and seems uniquely positioned to serve them well.  I am very happy with my new shotgun, it hits and fits.  The service has been excellent." —Robin Sheehan
"Tracy is amazing! I was in the market for a shotgun but was very new to the sport with limited experience. I traveled from California to Montana because it was the only place I could find that I had the opportunity to demo a Syren shotgun. I am so happy I did!! Tracy made the whole experience comfortable and laid back. She is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. After trying 5 or 6 different guns, I ended up getting something completely different than what I thought I would buy, and now I couldn’t be happier! I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with Tracy and find the perfect gun for me!! I wish I lived closer so I could attend her clinics!"  —Jenny Highley
"Purchased a shotgun from Tracy and would recommend any woman interested in getting a shotgun give her a call.  Tracy's knowledge at fit and purpose of the shotgun line she carries will impress the most experienced shooter."  —Jackie Bleek