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Lacy Conceal Personal Self-Defense Security Alarm Keychains

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Two-pack (purple/silver) Personal Alarm Keychains

Product Description:
Your family’s safety is top priority. Keep your family members safe with this 2-pack (purple, silver) emergency personal alarms keychains. Each alarm features a 130DB continuous piercing siren alarms that scares your attacker away and alerts others around you. Simply, pull the ring out when you are in danger. These alarms come equipped with a bright LED light that illuminates a dark area. These alarm keychains are portable for easy storage and carrying. They can be attached to keychains, backpacks, ladies’ bags, belt loops, schoolbags, suitcases and more. Ideal for kids, adults, joggers and the elderly. Each alarm is pre-loaded with heavy duty alkaline (LR44) battery with an 8 -12-month battery life. The perfect gift, come beautifully wrapped in a Lady Conceal gift box.


  • Emergency personal alarm
  • Come 2 to a pack
  • Loud 130 DB piercing siren alarm
  • Bright LED light
  • Keychain – attaches to backpacks, purses, keys, gym bag, and more
  • Pre-loaded with changeable heavy duty alkaline (LR44) battery
  • Come in a beautiful Lady Conceal gift box

Alarm Dimensions:

1.5" W x 2.5" H x .75" D

Box Dimensions:

4.25" L x 3" H x 1.25" D

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