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Syren XLR5 Waterfowler 12g 28" RH

$ 2,125.00 USD
Best semi-automatic shotgun for the female huntress!

The most popular waterfowler on the market for women! The Syren XLR5 Waterfowler is a 7 lb 1 oz dream for the female hunter. The stainless steel Pulse Piston is gas operated and makes recoil a thought of the past. The women who shoot the Syren Waterfowler can tell it is a shotgun that was made for women. The fit meets the average woman's build and is a huge win over using a youth model shotgun or a standard men's gun cut down. This is simply the shotgun of choice for women who love waterfowler hunting and it is the gun used by huntress Megan Watts, commonly known as the ‘Waterfowler Queen’.

The Syren XLR5 Waterfowler comes in 12g and both Left and Right-Handed Models.

We have this shotgun available for demo at our facility in Kalispell, Montana.

NOTE: Photographs are of the actual gun listed, we have done our best to take pictures that accurately represent the true color and wood grain, but they may appear slightly different in person.

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